Curriculum Vitae

If there were ever a case of love at first sight, it happened in the fall of 2017 when Connor — at the age of nine — was initially introduced to Dungeons & Dragons (5e). Since then, he’s consumed, processed, internalized, and shared every last bit of knowledge he could get his hands on from every source imaginable.

Over the course of 20 months, he’s amassed an impressive library of reference materials from Wizards of the Coast, Jetpack7, Kobold Press, Legendary Games, Nord Games, and Terran Empire. Meanwhile, he’s also more than 20 books into R.A. Salvatore’s The Legend of Drizzt series and Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman’s Dragonlance Chronicles series.

Connor quickly progressed from Player to Dungeon Master, under the tutelage of Alpha Omega Hobby’s (AOH) Adam Pratt. He subsequently fortified his Dungeons & Dragons foundation through self-study, contemplating and admiring the works of Bill Allan, Matthew Mercer, and Chris Perkins.

He began by running games for his family and friends, but then proceeded to sharpen his skills by Dungeon Mastering for adult parties at AOH. In February 2019, The Role Initiative was kind enough to grant Connor his first official Adventurer’s League experience at TotalCon 33, where he ran the tier one module Once in Waterdeep (DDAL08-00). He also had the great fortune to run Remnant of a Dream (CCC-TRI-30) at PAX East in March 2019, again affiliated with The Role Initiative. Necronomicon Providence’s Gaming Mistress has also confirmed that Connor will be running a home-brewed horror campaign at the Lovecraft-inspired convention in August 2019.

Perhaps the unlikeliest, but most amazing chapter of his Dungeons & Dragons career was playing through The Accursed Tower (modified and Dungeon Mastered by Geno Salvatore) along side R.A. Salvatore in May 2019 at the Adventure Pub in Arlington, Massachusetts.

Members of the media and others interested in Connor’s story are welcome to contact him at All opportunities to Dungeon Master and further hone his craft as a storyteller will be considered.

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